‘Blue Vacancy’ on the Isles of Scilly

Katrina Naomi The Poetry ReviewKatrina’s article ‘Blue Vacancy: Letter from the Isles of Scilly’ is in the spring 2016 issue of The Poetry Review, published by the Poetry Society.

The article concerns her recent poetry residency on the Islands and the research into poetry on Scilly.

See […]

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Review of Jim Carruth’s ‘Killochries’

Katrina’s review of Jim Carruth’s debut poetry collection Killochries has just been published in the transatlantic poetry magazine, The Dark Horse. Her article ‘Jim Carruth’s Clash of Two Cultures’ explores, among other things, the rural-urban divide. The Dark Horse is always a good read. Killochries is published by Freight Books.

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Violence & Transformation in Petit’s Poetry

Katrina’s latest poetry article ‘Violence & Transformation in Pascale Petit’s Poetry’ is in the current issue of New Welsh Review. You can read an excerpt by clicking here.

Katrina’s PhD is ‘Beyond Gentility: Violence in the Poetry of Sharon Olds, Pascale Petit, Peter Redgrove and Robin Robertson’, from Goldsmiths. Her PhD research is available to […]

Magma – Responding to Violence

Magma poetry magazine commissioned Katrina to write an article on how she uses the theme of violence in her poetry. An edited version of Katrina’s article, ‘Responding to Violence’, which includes three of her poems, can be read here http://magmapoetry.com/archive/magma-62-2/articles/responding-to-violence/

Katrina holds a PhD in creative writing from Goldsmiths. Her thesis was on violence […]

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Thesis – Beyond Gentility: Violence in Poetry

Katrina’s PhD thesis, Beyond Gentility: Violence in the Poetry of Sharon Olds, Pascale Petit, Peter Redgrove and Robin Robertson, is now available. Katrina discusses different treatments of violence in contemporary poetry and critics’ reactions to this, http://research.gold.ac.uk/11677/1/ENG_thesis_NaomiK_2015.pdf  and includes interviews with Sharon Olds, Pascale Petit, Robin Robertson and Penelope Shuttle (for Peter Redgrove). It is […]

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Katrina interviews poet Robin Robertson

Katrina was granted a rare interview with the poet Robin Robertson. You can read the interview in the online journal ‘Writers in Conversation’ here http://dspace.flinders.edu.au/xmlui/bitstream/handle/2328/35177/Robertson_Naomi.pdf?sequence=1. Katrina carried out the interview in the early stages of her PhD research into violence in poetry at Goldsmiths. ‘Writers in Conversation’ is jointly published by Flinders University (Australia) […]

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New Welsh Review

Katrina has been collaborating with the poet Judy Brown for over 2 years. They have written about their experience of poetic collaboration in the New Welsh Review (Winter 2014) in an article called ‘Call & Response: A Friendship in Poems’. You can read a taster of the article here http://www.newwelshreview.com/article.php?id=879

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Mslexia review

Katrina’s review ‘Who could resist that amnesiac/amniotic tie-in’ of Kathryn Simmonds’ The Visitations (Seren) and Tiffany Atkinson’s So Many Moving Parts (Bloodaxe) is featured in Mslexia‘s spring 2014 issue, no. 61. ‘Both poets reinvigorate poetic form with their own schemes of repetition, rhyme and patterning.’

So Many Moving Parts

The Visitations

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The Dark Horse – ‘Sharon Olds in Conversation with Katrina Naomi’, issue no 28, 2012

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Magma – ‘Violence and Poetry: Katrina Naomi writes about gentility, gender and risk’, issue no 54, 2013

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