Yohanna Jaramillo

Katrina’s translations of the Mexican poet Yohanna Jaramillo feature in the current issue of Modern Poetry in Translation.

‘I know the secret of broccoli:

It wants to be the drag queen of vegetables’

is from ‘Open Letter’ by Yohanna Jaramillo, translated by Katrina Naomi and can be read in full, here http://www.mptmagazine.com/page/poem-month/

‘Open Letter, is Modern Poetry in Translation‘s ‘Featured Poem’ in MPT issue No 2 2017. MPT has also published ‘This is Not a Yellow Cake’ by Yohanna Jaramillo, translated by Katrina Naomi. You can read a little on Katrina’s process for these translations at http://www.mptmagazine.com/page/poems-notes/?id=874

Yohanna Jaramillo was born in Tijuana, Mexico in 1979. Her most recent collection is 32/33 (Ediciones El Humo, 2014). For more on her work, see http://www.tierraadentro.cultura.gob.mx/author/yohanna-jaramillo/

Katrina is fluent in Spanish. These are her first translations.