A Life in Fireworks (Part 1)



A small composer writes

the same letters over

and over    Her name dies

like excitement in the air



At the Aqua Club Bonfire Nite

she looks out to dark sand    broken

beach huts heaped into a triangle


With the first frisson of pinks and greens

fear and anticipation mingle

in a sweaty plastic pint



The Plaza del Ayuntamiento’s alight

Fallas’s flames reach for white balconies


She loves the lurex of the fuegos artificiales

the shattering of a square’s easy night



The South Bank’s chants


rival the tolling of rockets at the end

of the GLC    She cries

at the colours over Westminster


And after    silence

bursts her ears



Fallas is a noisy fiesta held every March in Valencia. It ends with a huge bonfire and fireworks display. Fuegos artificiales is Spanish for fireworks.


This is the second poem in the collaboration ‘Film V. Poetry’ in response to Tim Ridley’s film ‘dark and light’. Tim now has two weeks to respond to this poem. His film will be posted on Mon 15 December, when Katrina will write another poem. Tim and Katrina will continue responding to each other’s work in this way until they have a sequence of five poems and five films. #filmvpoetry