The Argument: Art V Poetry is a collaboration between Katrina Naomi and the visual artist Tim Ridley.

Crocodile drawing by Tim Ridley

In the project Katrina and Tim sparred to produce poetry and art. Tim began by posting an art image and Katrina had two weeks to respond with a poem, again within two weeks. They continued the process until ten pieces of work were produced: five art works, five poems. You can see the whole collaboration of The Argument: Art V Poetry by clicking here

Katrina wrote several poems in The Argument: Art V Poetry which went on to appear in her 2016 Seren collection,  The Way the Crocodile Taught Me.

Katrina Naomi

Tim Ridley’s drawing of a crocodile inspired Katrina to write the title poem of her latest collection, ‘The Way the Crocodile Taught Me’ (Seren, 2016)