Katrina Naomi

Katrina on Love Your Enthusiasm Podcast

The US podcast Love Your Enthusiasm features Katrina Naomi and her poetry.

In this episode, Katrina shares:

  • Her introduction to poetry and how it has become the focal point in her life.
  • The importance of accepting rejection as a writer and learning to push through.
  • Her creative process and some of the requirements she needs to create.
  • Why showing up and putting in the work are more important than seeking inspiration.
  • Surprisingly positive effects the pandemic has had on her work and productivity.
  • Where she turns when she needs to step away from her poetry and renew her energy.
  • The three-step creative process she takes to write a poem.
  • Poetry recommendations and why she enjoys reading translated poetry.
  • Why fear does not hold her poetry back, but rather provides a platform from which to write.
  • How she moved past her toughest rejection and what she learned from it.
  • Why it’s important for her to demystify poetry and create a more inclusive space.
  • Supportive advice for young aspiring poets—read more than you write and write about what you care about.

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