New reviews

Katrina has just had three great new reviews for her latest poetry books.

Katrina Naomi The Way the Crocodile Taught MeThe Way the Crocodile Taught Me

Writing in WriteOutLoud, Judy Gordon says, ‘This is a stunning collection.’ You can read the full review here.

And here’s a snippet of Matthew Stewart’s review ‘Electric Coherence’ re Katrina’s latest collection, The Way the Crocodile Taught Me (Seren, 2016):

‘Katrina Naomi’s The Way the Crocodile Taught Me shows that she is a compelling poetic storyteller, capable of creating intimacy via distance, layering characters, bringing them alive and generating emotional resonance.’

You can read the full review here.

Katrina Naomi Hooligans


Writing about Katrina’s Suffragettes-inspired pamphlet Hooligans, (Rack Press, 2015), Gram Joel Davies says, ‘These poems will make you cheer’, he continues, ‘Writing in ‘The Agonies’, Naomi protracts a metaphor so graphic it leaves me gasping…it is so embodied as to have me squirm in empathetic rage.’ Davies concludes, ‘Hooligans is a timely book, hopefully a timeless one. A small collection which distils everyday heroism to a courageous liquor.’

You can read poems from both of these collections by clicking on the link below (where you can also buy both books).

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