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Katrina’s Typhoon Etiquette and The Way the Crocodile Taught Me have received a wonderful review from Sue Wrinch, organiser of Loose Muse in Winchester.

Discussing Katrina’s The Way the Crocodile Taught Me (published by Seren 2016), Sue says the poems are ‘brutal, honest and moving’, while also being ‘full of quirky humour’.

In her review of Typhoon Etiquette (published by Verve Poetry Press, 2019), Sue Wrinch says: ‘I loved ‘Self-Introduction’, from Typhoon Etiquette. Sue goes on to discuss the title poem, which ‘is written in the voice of a typhoon and is amazing… and chilling’.

The review ends: ‘I can’t wait to discover her new collection due to be published in June 2020!’

Katrina’s third full collection will be published by Seren.

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