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Wild Persistence is Launched

Katrina launched Wild Persistence, with Seren on 11 June 2020, via zoom, with over 120 people in the audience. While this is her third full collection, it is her first to be written since she moved to Cornwall.

The Poetry Book Society says of Wild Persistence:

‘…this is a liberating reminder that “there are different ways to live”…nothing can suppress the wild and quirky energy at play…Wild Persistence is the joyous affirmation we need’.

Liz Berry says:

‘This is a collection to win readers and then pull the ground from beneath them.’

Helen Mort says:

‘Funny, moving, suprising, unflinching and, above all else…joyous.’

Literature Works says:

‘With characteristic mastery of language and the starkness of honest, confronting poems…Naomi has given us a compelling collection, just when we need it most.’

Wild Persistence is available from Seren Books at £9.99, from all good bookshops and direct from Katrina’s online bookshop.

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