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Wild Persistence – Reviews

Katrina’s third collection, Wild Persistence, is getting some great reviews. The latest is from New Welsh Review: ‘Vicky MacKenzie admires a poetry collection of humour and revelry, lit by the repeated flare of violence and warmed by the unapologetic need to live the life of one’s choosing’.

Wild Persistence was published in June 2020 by Seren. Writing about Katrina’s new collection, the Poetry Book Society states: ‘This is a liberating reminder that “there are different ways to live”…nothing can suppress the wild and quirky energy at play…Wild Persistence is the joyous affirmation we need.’

The collection has also just received a glowing review in Raceme, with Cathy Wilson writing: ‘Wild Persistence is a glorious title, capturing both the inner and outer landscape of an author who appears to celebrate all of life…with ongoing humour and spirit’.

If you’d like to buy a signed copy of Wild Persistence, click here (UK only). You can also buy worldwide and find out more about Wild Persistence here.

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