• 'Edgy, deep, intimate'
    -Anne-Marie Fyfe
  • 'A pretty awesome poet'
    -Agnes Meadows
  • 'A unique way with imagery'
    -David Cooke, The North
  • 'Katrina balanced creativity
    and rigour' -Maria Fusco
  • 'A riotously imaginative
    landscape' -Todd Swift on
    The Girl with the Cactus Handshake

Katrina Naomi is a poet, tutor and poetry mentor. Her poetry has appeared in 'The TLS', 'Poetry Review' and 'The Spectator'. She is working towards a Creative Writing PhD at Goldsmiths, with a focus on violence in poetry.

Her first full collection, 'The Girl with the Cactus Handshake', was shortlisted for the London New Poetry Award and received an Arts Council England writer's award.

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