32 pages • 19 poems
Published: April 18, 2019
Publisher: Verve Poetry Press
ISBN: 978 1 912565 20 7

A Japanese-themed collection, written during a six-week stay in Japan, working on an Arts Council/British Council-funded trip. Katrina Naomi depicts Japanese traditions and customs with great enthusiasm and some puzzlement. Katrina doesn’t pretend she is an expert but prods and questions what she finds, while also questioning herself.

 The title poem ‘Typhoon Etiquette’ was chosen by Oxford Brookes University as its Poem of the Week.


In a Plum Grove

The plums are from all over Japan
I won’t eat them
but admire their shapely leaves
which are clinging on
in this typhoon
I also admire a stream surging through
Kenrokuen Garden

Umbrellas hurry past
the typhoon hasn’t truly hit yet
this is only a taste
By tomorrow there’ll be more
umbrellas on the ground
than plums


Shopping Basket