Charlotte Brontë’s Corset

12 pages
Published: January 20, 2010
Publisher: Brontë Society
ISBN: 978-1-903007-12-9

Katrina Naomi’s latest pamphlet Charlotte Brontë’s Corset follows her writer’s residency at the Brontë Parsonage Museum (from 2009-10) and is published by the Brontë Society.

“Charlotte Brontë’s Corset is not just about the Brontës, or even the museum. In this creative setting, Katrina Naomi has been able to map out her own creative force.”
Tara Hanks 


Anne’s Last Letter

(dated 5 April 1849 to Miss [Ellen] Nussey)

Such clear handwriting, as though etched
with a fine Berol in brown ink. To save paper

she wrote across the page, turned it 90 degrees.
I hold Anne’s letter (last valued at £180,000)

in its folder of thick plastic. I daren’t touch
the original for fear I’d start to cough, my lungs

in revolt. I have no horror of death she writes,
God’s will be done.
 I have no religion and want

to live. Though Anne is my favourite, I won’t bring
her letter to my face, lick this pricey envelope.



Jenna Holmes, Contemporary Arts Officer on Bronte Parsonage Museum wrote:

Charlotte Bronte’s Corset is sensitive, sometimes provocative, its non-reverential tone wry and refreshing. Katrina’s almost ‘forensic’ examination of the Bronte relics explores them through new eyes, challenging our over-familiarity with the Bronte myths. Yet she is also drawn to the present life of the Parsonage, and her poems vividly re-imagine life behind the scenes of a museum dedicated to literary genius.

on Brontë Blog, Barcelona:

This subtle, evocative collection bears endless readings.

Barbara Trapido, novelist:

These poems are so good.