Kyra And Katrina’s Dance & Poetry Collaboration

Katrina is collaborating with the dancer Kyra Norman. The pair have been meeting monthly to dance and write, frequently swapping roles.

Katrina says: ‘I was quite nervous to begin with. I love dancing but dancing in front of a professional is another matter. I needn’t have worried though. Kyra is fabulous to work with and I really like that we both dance and both write. We’re still feeling our way as to where we might take our collaboration – whether this will be a publication, a performance, a workshop, or a combination of these things. But the journey is wonderful.’

Kyra says ‘I’m finding our sessions together really refreshing.  There’s a great sense of openness and trust, as well as investigation and precision: serious play time.  I’m struck by how Katrina’s writing conjures vivid images from unexpected meetings of words, stopping me in my tracks.  This has been prompting me to see what it might be like to try to experience dancing as images that appear and dissolve, rather than a flow of nameless sensation with the odd verb in there (which is my usual experience).  We’re also coming up with some brilliantly unlikely movement scores and laughing a lot.  Looking forward to whatever comes next.’

Katrina has danced since she was four. Kyra has been working in dance for over 20 years, as a performer, choreographer, researcher, lecturer, workshop facilitator and creative producer. More info here.

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