Katrina Naomi

Residency at Somerset Art Works Festival

Katrina will be poet-in-residence at Alfoxton Park in October 2022 for National Poetry Day at the Somerset Art Works Festival.

Katrina will write in response to the Quantocks landscape and hold several public events over 6-8 October 2022. She will also be collaborating with the eco-writer Sara Hudston.

Katrina says: ‘I’m really looking forward to writing and walking at this outdoors residency in Somerset. It’s such a lovely thing to be doing for National Poetry Day, and I’ll be collaborating with the environmental writer Sara Hudston. We’ll also be running some site-specific events with a focus on the natural world and slow poetry. I’m a big walker but know relatively little about the Quantocks, so I’ll be lacing up my boots and I’m excited to see where the residency takes me.’

National Poetry Day is 6 October 2022 and the theme is the Environment.

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