Same But Different – Helen Mort & Katrina Naomi

Katrina Naomi and Helen Mort have a book out – Same But Different – in September with Hazel Press. Same But Different is available to pre-order from London Review of Books bookshop. It will be launched on 30 September 2021.

This is from the publisher, Hazel Press: Ted Hughes once wrote: ‘Poetry is a universal language in which we can all hope to meet’. Through a time of separation, isolation and uncertainty, during the UK lockdown of 2020, two poets, Katrina Naomi and Helen Mort started collaborating on a project, Same But Different. It began as a way to reach out to each other and keep writing during these strange, stagnant times, sending writing prompts and visual images from Penzance to Sheffield and Sheffield to Penzance. They had no thoughts of publication, only experimentation and enjoying the process. Like Wang Wei and Pei Di’s, Wang River Collaboration, their poems soon started to speak to one another and are published without attribution. This creative thread has been with them both through the labyrinth of this last year and continues still.  Same But Different offers a year of poetic dialogue, friendship and sisterhood.

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